A downloadable game for Windows

We hate the 'Poetic Experience' genre. While there are a few exceptions, it's generally a crap shoot. So we made one.

It's about death. And greed, waste, nature vs. nurture, and a bunch of other deep stuff. But mostly, it's about death. Also, you're a fish.

Arguably, the most pretentious part of a game like this is the metaphorical exposition involved. So we crammed as much of it as we possibly could into "...fish".

Over the course of roughly 20-25 hours we cobbled together as many death scenarios and hoity-toity sounding quotes that we could come up with to punctuate the experience.

You'll die. A lot. But keep exploring, there's always a new way to kick the bucket.

We had fun making it, but we don't plan on making another Poetic Experience again. Enjoy!

How to play: Click and drag mouse then release to swim. Esc to quit.

Made by: Joe Arroyo, Nikk Golesh, Nate Hitchcock & Joe Erskine

Install instructions

unzip and run .exe


...fish.zip 14 MB